For foreign wives of Saudi Arabian men, legal limbo sometimes awaits

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Saudi Arabia. islamic state wives, stuck in legal limbo, demand return to home countries. those who fled the long-awaited battles against the Islamic State (IS). its 14 adult inhabitants, many of them foreigners, are all the wives of IS. God, a gesture often co-opted by IS (mee/wladimir van wilgenburg).

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Manama: A man in Saudi Arabia charged with slapping his wife was sentenced to 10 days in prison and 30 lashes. The court in Al Qateef in the Eastern Province said that the wife could witness the flogging in retribution for the physical pain her husband caused her, Saudi daily Al Sharq reported on Wednesday.

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This is the glamorous Russian wife. A Foreign Office spokeswoman said: ‘We are aware of reporting about the arrest of Stanislav Yezhov in Ukraine. ‘We can neither confirm or deny the allegations.

"We had a wonderful life, no one can deny that," one of the foreign burqa-clad volunteer brides. And there they stay for now, in legal limbo, as their governments try to wrap their heads around the.

The trial began of four Muslim men. the foreign funding and support of jihadi groups may never be published, according to the Guardian. The inquiry into revenue streams for extremist groups.

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One concern is that the US might have transferred some of the remaining prisoners to foreign prisons. To leave these men in hidden limbo violates fundamental human rights norms.It is also.

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